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Embryo Transfer Products

Stereo Microscope

Stereo MicroscopeStereo Microscope MSZ 5400 - Ref: 12015/5400
The Stereo Microscope MSZ 5400 has a magnification of 7 x to 45x, eyepieces 10x, transmitted light source for examination of embryos. This microscope is also suitable for medical and school laboratories.
This should be used with a heated stage with control unit.

Miniflush Embryo Collection Filter

Miniflush Embryo Collection FilterThe patented Miniflush Embryo recovery system - Ref: 19010/2000
consists of embryo filter and search dish. No transfer from filter cup to Petri dish necessary. Mesh size/open area 73ul / 40%. steralised, disposable. This embryo recovery system is suitable for equine emr bryos. There is a different size available for bovine embryos.…

Y-Junction Flushing Tubing - Equine

Y-Junction Flushing Tubing - EquineY-Junction Tubing for Mares  - Ref: ECE038
Disposable flushing tubing with clamps, to be used in combination with flushing catheter and filter.…

Embryo Flushing Catheter - Mare

Embryo Flushing Catheter - MareEmbryo Flushing Catheter for Mares
These are made of silicone and can be autoclaved and re-used .  
They are available in two sizes with balloon for snug fit.

CH 32  length 86cm - Ref: ECE125
CH 37 length 90cm approx. - Ref: ECE128

Folltropin P.O.M

Folltropin P.O.MFolltropin FSH equivalant to 700 iu, one 20ml vial with diluent VPA No:10812/1/1
This product can only be supplied to a Registered Veterinary Surgeon and is supplied by Bioniche Animal Health Europe Ltd.…